Wooden Planter Box

An ideal container to hold a little miniature garden for a centerpiece or special gift.  Nice little wooden box has a rough hewn texture and soft white-wash finish.  Comes with a fitted clear plastic liner.  Tapered rectangular box measures about 4.25" high, 10.5" x 6.75" at the top and just over 8" x 4.25" at the base.  The tapered square box measures just over 4" high, just under 8" square at the top and 5.5" square at the base.  Bottom is solid with no drainage holes (could be drilled for drainage). Recommended for use indoors or outdoors in a covered location.  This is the container as seen in the Miniature Garden Easter Centerpiece YouTube video. (Container only; soil, plants, accessories not included.)

Wooden Planter Box
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