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White "Wicker" Couch

Quality wicker furniture is a timeless classic for patios and gardens, both big and small! Wonderfully detailed, this little couch has a braided edge and a pretty design in the seatback. The crisp white color looks fresh in every season and stands out in green gardens.  Made of metal and woven to be wicker, each piece is incredibly sturdy. This classic couch will be a charming addition to your miniature garden for years to come. The White Wicker Couch measures about 4.75" long, 2.5" wide, and 3.25" high. Just a note.... This beautiful wicker furniture also looks great sitting on a table, mantle, or windowsill near potted ferns or African violets. You don't always need an entire garden to get the picture. 

White "Wicker" Couch
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