Vintage Greenhouse/Conservatory

A little greenhouse or convservatory for the fairy garden and miniature garden landscape with vintage charm.  Foundation is about 1.5" high and of the same cobblestone look as the Cobblestone Wall sections.  The transparent sidewalls and roof, made of resin, look like antique glass with white painted trim.  The door has a metal bottom panel and "glass" top panel with a metal handle.  It opens to allow a look inside and includes a two step stoop.  The bottom of the greenhouse/conservatory is open and can be placed over pavement, rocks and pebbles, or soil.  The Vintage Greenhouse/Conservatory measures about 6" along the side (stoop extends another 1") and about 4" tall at the sidewall, about 5.25" wide, and about 6" high at the roof peak.  For a greenhouse look, place a Potting Bench, wheelbarrow and faux potted plants inside (living plants could grow inside if kept in the shade and tended to regularly).  For a conservatory look, place patio furniture inside and tropical plants all around.  A must-have piece for serious miniature gardeners (and gardening fairies!).

Vintage Greenhouse/Conservatory
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