Traditional Birdbath

This simple little birdbath has a shallow bowl which rests on three curled supports and stands on a long stem. The entire piece is made of rustic metal for a slightly antique look. The long stem and clean lines make it easy to use in any garden setting. It looks especially good when inserted into the middle of a flowering plant (such as Erodium or Alyssum), so that it looks as though the birdbath is surrounded by a bed of flowers. Matches the Traditional Garden Furniture and Traditional Birdhouse, but works with just about any style furniture and garden. The birdbath is about 1.7" wide and about 6.75" tall. If the stem is too long for your garden container, it can be easily cut with a pair of wire cutters. Just remember that the more stem that is "planted" in the soil, the better the birdbath will stay in place.

Traditional Birdbath
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