Rustic Picket Fence

This cute little picket fence is a versatile garden feature. Use it around the perimeter of a miniature garden to enclose it or use a smaller section to create a garden within a garden.  Great for rustic gardens, farmyard scenes, and fairy gardens. The very thin .5" wide metal pickets are pointed in traditional picket fence style and connected by a continuous metal wire. The generous 36" length can be cut with a wire cutter to fit any size garden or feature. After cutting the wire, just wrap the open wire ends around an arbor to connect the two features or fold the ends back to give the fence a finished look. The metal pickets are 3" tall with 4.5" long wire "posts" every 10" or so to anchor the fence. Tip: This fencing comes in a roll. Flatten and straighten the fence before installing it in your garden for the most realistic results.

Rustic Picket Fence
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