Paint-Your-Own Jack O'Lanterns

Little bisque pumpkins have hand-carved faces and a fine porous surface.  The larger pumpkin has crescent eyes, the smaller pumpkin has triangle eyes.  Both have triangle noses and wide smiles.  Can be painted with acrylic or spray paints.  White pumpkins are very chic, but be sure to use a clear coat spray or white paint to protect and help keep clean. The large pumpkin measures about 1.5" in diameter and about 1' tall.  The small pumpkin measures just over 1" in diameter and about 0.75" high.  They look great setting on a bench, in a wheelbarrow, or along a path in a miniature garden scene.  Paint with fantastic colors for a little Halloween flair in the fairy garden.  Don't forget the glitter and glitz!

Paint-Your-Own Jack O'Lanterns
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