Glitzy Flip-Flops

Bring a little glamour to your miniature garden or little beach landscape.  A pair of tiny flip-flops makes an adorable accent for casual garden scenes and lazy beach settings. Each pair glitters and shines in the garden.  Glitzy flip-flops are made of plastic with raised thong detail (It's all about style, not comfort!). One size fits all; each shoe measures about 7/8" long and 3/8" across the toe.  Choose from Pink, Green, Purple, Gold, and Blue.  Remember, fairies love anything that sparkles!   ***TIP: If you keep losing your shoes in the garden, glue them to a bench, chair, or patio surface. Or glue a little stake to the bottom of each to hold them in place.  

Glitzy Flip-Flops
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