Frog Pond

The Frog Pond is a wonderful little water feature for miniature gardens and landscapes.  The clear (transparent) "water" ripples away from a large rock. ***Please note that the water color is now transparent blue gray - not like the color in the photos here.***  Atop the dark gray rock sits a bright green frog with big black eyes.  Ideal for naturalistic miniature landscapes,  fishing scenes, and fairy gardens.  Well worth the investment.  The big shiny frog is easy to see from a distance (an advantage for gardens in the ground) and adds whimsy to fairy gardens.  In scaled miniature gardens, think of it as a decorative frog statue.  Made of resin.  The pond measures about 7" x 4.5" and the frog measures about 1" long.  Tip:  For the most realistic look in the garden,  place the pond on a bed of clean Little Landscape Rock or sand.  The rocks/sand will be visible through the "water" and will help to soften the edge around the pond where it meets the soil.

Frog Pond
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