Classic English Garden Bench

The Classic English Garden Bench, with rolled arms and a graceful curved back, is the ultimate in garden elegance and sophistication. Each little work of art is made of resin and carefully painted antique white, with mossy green and gray shades for an aged-in-the-garden effect. Its substantial size and weight (both visual and actual) make it a dramatic focal point in a containerscape or miniature garden in the ground. Place it at the end of a long gravel path to create a serene country estate garden scene, but in miniature of course. This is the largest bench offered at the Miniature Garden Shoppe and it matches the English Garden Birdbath perfectly. The Classic English Garden Bench measures approximately 7.6" long, 2.1" wide, and 3.5" high. As with all garden furniture, accessories and ornaments, protection from the elements helps to maintain the integrity of the piece. See the "Tips and Techniques" page for more detail.

Classic English Garden Bench
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