Black Cauldron

A versatile little black pot.  Use it as a tiny magical cauldron and fill it with different brews to match the seasons.  The round resin kettle has silver-gray markings and a long metal handle that moves.  Small size is great for witches on the go.  A cute Halloween decoration when filled with "Purple Potion" or "Green Globs".  Use it as a pot of gold in the spring for your lucky Leprechauns and all summer long as the rich rewards of hard-working Gnomes.  Could also be used as a big black planter in country-style gardens or as a water kettle in desert scenes.  Each cauldron measures about 5/8" to top of pot (2" to top of handle), just over 1" in diameter, and less than 1/2"deep. (Seasonal Brews sold separately.)

Black Cauldron
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