Adirondack Chair

This adorable little Adirondack style chair has wooden slats for the seat and a slatted curved back. Choose from pink, yellow, blue, lime green or white. Adirondack chairs are not only great focal points for a patio and beach scenes, but also bring color to miniature gardens. The pink chair mixes well with the white wire furniture and accessories. Use a bright yellow chair with a Red Floral Watering Can and a set of Green Garden Tools for a colorful arrangement. The blue chair looks perfect on a miniature beach with a Little Blue Table, Miniature Seashells, and a pair of Flip Flops. Try placing a pair of white chairs on a on a lawn of creeping thyme or Irish moss for a serene garden scene. These all wood chairs are held together with glue* and sealed with paint. Each little chair measures about 2" long, 2.5" wide, and about 2.25" high.   Now made in the USA!    (We recommend the Little Blue, White, or Brown Benches to accompany the Adirondack chairs.  The Wooden Accent Tables are of larger proportions.)                                                                                                                

*Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.

Adirondack Chair
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