Wind Chimes

There is amazing detail in each little set of wind chimes. Three golden chimes dangle from different garden-themed ornaments. Select from the following list: "Wheelbarrow" wind chimes are flower-filled with a tiny butterfly on the handle. "Flower Pot" wind chimes are always in bloom. "Garden Hat" wind chimes are criss-crossed with a trowel and cultivator. "My Garden" sign post chimes welcome on-lookers with blooms at the base. "Gardener" wind chimes feature a perpetually planting gardener in overalls and straw hat. Each set of chimes hangs from a dark green shepherd's hook that can be stuck directly into the garden soil. Great for adding a spot of height and bringing movement to the garden. Looks cute in the little landscape by a picket fence or near a wheelbarrow. A fabulous find for the fairy garden! Each set of wind chimes includes the hook/stakes and measures about 6"high and about an inch wide.

Wind Chimes
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