Tiny Tuscany

Sorry, the containerscapes are no longer available.  Photos and descriptions provided as reference.

Capture the charm and romance of Italy in a single container garden. The detailed "stone" structures and elegantly formal urns give the garden an air of timeless grandeur. Matching pieces and a symmetrical design add to the formality. The Tiny Tuscany Containerscape makes a beautiful gift for admirers of classic gardens or a great momento of a trip to Italy. The Tiny Tuscany Containerscape includes a garden plan (with the names of the plants shown in the picture) and the following pieces: Terracotta Stone Fountain, Terracotta Stone Wall, Terracotta Cherubs with Birdbath, Terracotta Garden Bench, Terracotta Urn and Pedestals (2), Terracotta Decorative Urns (2), and a bag of Little Landscape Gravel. ***Please note: Containerscapes do not include the planter, soil, or plants.

Tiny Tuscany
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