Sweet Summertime

Sorry, the containerscapes are no longer available.  Photos and descriptions provided as reference.

Remember long summer afternoons spent playing on the old tree swing and warm evenings sitting around the patio. Recreate those sweet summertime memories in a little landscape to enjoy again on your porch or patio. There's a little tire swing with rope, a vintage patio table set, and a windmill to anchor the scene. The pretty red watering can makes a great tabletop centerpiece and picks up the red accents in the windmill, tools, and bucket to tie the garden together. The Sweet Summertime Containerscape includes a garden plan (with the names of the plants shown in the picture) and the following pieces: Tire Swing, Windmill, Retro Patio Table and Chairs, Rustic Picket Fence, Red Floral Watering Can, Classic Tools, Red Bucket, and a bag of Little Landscape Gravel. ***Please note: Containerscapes do not include the container, soil, or plants.

Sweet Summertime
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