Sweet Summertime

Remember long summer afternoons spent playing on the old tree swing and warm evenings sitting around the patio. Recreate those sweet summertime memories in a little landscape to enjoy again on your porch or patio. There's a little tire swing with rope, a vintage patio table set, and a windmill to anchor the scene. The pretty red watering can makes a great tabletop centerpiece and picks up the red accents in the windmill, tools, and bucket to tie the garden together. The Sweet Summertime Containerscape includes a garden plan (with the names of the plants shown in the picture) and the following pieces: Tire Swing, Windmill, Retro Patio Table and Chairs, Rustic Picket Fence, Red Floral Watering Can, Classic Tools, Red Bucket, and a bag of Little Landscape Gravel. ***Please note: Containerscapes do not include the container, soil, or plants.

Sweet Summertime
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