Secret Garden

Sorry, the containerscapes are no longer available.  Photos and descriptions provided as reference.

Just like a scene from the book, to look through the arbor and peek thru the fence is to step into another world. The elegant English style bench sits opposite the birdbath with a little bee skep nearby. The garden is enclosed by an antique scalloped fence and arbor. The arbor included in the Secret Garden Containerscape is the Large Rustic Arbor (the arbor shown in the picture has been discontinued). The Secret Garden Containerscape includes a garden plan (with the names of the plants shown in the picture) and the following pieces: Classic English Garden Bench, English Garden Birdbath, Bee Skep, Scallop Fence, Large Rustic Arbor, and a bag of Little Landscape Gravel. ***Please note: Containerscapes do not include the container, soil, or plants. For your reference, the container shown is 15" in diameter (inside).

Secret Garden
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