Parlor Palm / Neanthe bella

Great little palm plant for miniature tropical gardens and beach scenes.  Arching green leaves look like miniature palm fronds.  Adds height to beach garden plantings and an instant tropical feel.  Young plants are small (about 4-6" above the soil) and slow growing.  May eventually outgrow the miniature garden, but usually takes several years.  One of our favorites!  Plant in potting soil, water thoroughly and apply a layer of sand as a top dressing.  ***TIP:  Place a few seashells or rocks at the base of the plant to water, thus avoiding disruption of the sand.

  • Grow outdoors in bright shade or morning sun; avoid hot afternoon sun
  • Grow indoors with indirect bright light (morning or late day direct light is okay)
  • Water when soil is slightly dry; does not like overwatering or setting in wet soil
  • Grows slowly  
  • An easy to grow houseplant
  • Annual outside - cold hardy to only 55F
  • Available in little 2” round pots



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Parlor Palm / Neanthe bella
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