Little Landscape Gravel

Little Landscape Gravel is an essential material for creating realistic miniature gardens and landscapes. The tiny stone chips can be used as a groundcover, patio paving and pathway material, as a filler between stepping stones, and to line the bottom of ponds and streams to keep them clean. It's a nice way to cover the ground under a bench or chair and a beautiful finishing touch to fill in the blank areas of the garden until the plants grow together. When gardening with living conifers and evergreens, a thin layer of gravel under the plants helps to retain soil moisture and decrease the humidity around the plants. You can also mix the gravel with your potting soil to improve the drainage.  Choose from Original (gray/purple/pink) and Terracotta (tan/brown/cream).  The Terracotta Little Landscape gravel also contains larger size pieces. Push the largest chips to the outer edge of the path or patio for the most realistic use.  One bag weighs almost a pound (0.9 lbs) and will cover an area 7" x 7" at a depth of approximately 0.25". Tip: Be sure to water the garden soil to settle it before laying the Little Landscape Gravel on top. 

Little Landscape Gravel
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