Large Rustic Arbor

The Large Rustic Arbor is a practical and versatile garden structure. With simple styling and a natural metal finish, it blends with the garden and works with any style furniture. The large size is easy to work with and makes a big impact in the garden. The Large Rustic Arbor is an ideal support for growing small-leaved vines, which in turn creates the perfect little shaded seating area. Just place a Traditional Bench or a pairs of chairs underneath it and you've got a romantic spot for two. The arbor measures about 6.25" long, 4.5" wide, and 11.5" high, including the four metal posts (about 2.5" long) that extend into the soil to anchor the structure. The posts can also be snipped off with wire cutters if they're too long to fit properly in a containerscape. The Rustic Picket Fence matches the Large Rustic Arbor perfectly and is easily wired to the posts. Just a reminder: The items at the Miniature Garden Shoppe are not toys and are not intended for young children.

Large Rustic Arbor
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