Ficus microcarpa 'Tiny Limey'

A miniature fig tree for shady gardens outside and indoor gardens that get good, bright light.  Thick, glossy foliage is eye catching in the garden.   Plants may have a single or multiple stems (or trunks) that get larger/thicker with age.  Tends to have a fuller, bushier look than Ficus 'Too Little'.  New leaves are bright limey green, changing to deep green as they mature.  Adds character and interest to miniature gardens in pots and in the garden.  Pefect tree from which to hang a little terra cotta birdhouse or hummingbird feeder.  Grows to about 9"tall and 9"wide.  Appreciates evenly moist soil; avoid extremely wet and/or overly dry conditions.  A relative of the popular Benjamin Fig houseplant.  USDA hardiness zones 9-11.  To overwinter, move indoors when temperatures dip into the 50's F.   Available in 2.5"x2.5"x3.5" pots. 



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Ficus microcarpa 'Tiny Limey'
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