Cobblestone Wall

Miniature garden wall section has a textured surface, both front and back, that recreates the look of an old cobblestone wall.  The "stones" are artistically painted in shades of gray, tan, and taupe with an aged look.  The ends of the sections are flat so that multiple pieces can be set end to end, making a longer wall.  The smooth, wide top of the wall is the perfect place for birds to perch and squirrels to sit.  Complete the look with a Cobblestone Pillar at the ends of a section and in the corners.  Use a single section as a backdrop for a little bench, or use a few sections to create a miniature garden room.  Each section is supported by two metal posts to anchor it in the soil.  The sections measure approximately 5 inches long, 1.75 inches tall (plus (2) 2-inch posts), and 0.5 inches wide at the top.

Cobblestone Wall
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