Classic Country Garden

Sorry, the containerscapes are no longer available.  Photos and descriptions provided as reference.

It's the picture of quiet country contentment. An intricately detailed arbor with movable gates marks the entrance and frames the view down the path to the bench. Surrounding the garden is a rustic picket fence which provides enclosure and focuses the viewer's attention. The handy wheelbarrow and rustic garden tools along with the antique watering can and straw hat make a charming mini vignette. The Classic Country Garden Containerscape includes a garden plan (with the names of the plants shown in the picture) and the following pieces: Garden Arbor and Gate, Rustic Picket Fence, Traditional Garden Bench, Traditional Birdhouse, Traditional Birdbath, Traditional Wheelbarrow, Rustic Garden Tools, Antique Watering Can, Summer Straw Hat, and a bag of Little Landscape Gravel. ***Please note: Containerscapes do not include the container, soil, or plants.

Classic Country Garden
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