Chanticleer Potting Shed

A charming little garden building with a cut-metal shingle roof and decorative cupola.  The silver 2-section Dutch door opens and closes.  On the lower portion hangs a dark cut-tin rooster. The large white window can be propped open to let the breeze in or left shut (no glazing).  Just under the window is a long white shelf - the perfect place to show a Potted Cactus, set of Tiny Clay Pots, or to rest a set of Garden Hand Tools.  On the left end of the shed, just under the roof peak, is a handsome silver birdhouse.  Wonderful details and a nice size for most any miniature garden setting.  Made of metal with a solid floor.  Measures approximately 7.25"long and 4.5"wide at the roofline (5.25" x 3.5" at the base) and about 8"high. Choose from Brown or Red.

Chanticleer Potting Shed
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