Bressingham Fence Panels

A beautiful choice for fencing the miniature garden and fairy garden.  The Victorian style cast iron fence is both elegant and durable.  Single/End Panels have finials on both ends.  These pieces can be used singly, as a backdrop behind a bench or in a small garden where only a small fence section is needed.  Use multiple panels to create a long fence to enclose a miniature garden or fairy garden.  Each panel measures just over 2.25 inches high from the bottom stringer to the top of the finials, with 0.75 inch stakes.  The Single/End Panels are just under 5.5 inches long from the ends of the finials.  Each piece weighs approximately 5 ounces.  Well worth the investment for years of enjoyment!    ***Tip:  Use a clear coat spray to protect and prevent rust.

Bressingham Fence Panels
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