Blue Stone Water

Water is an appealing feature in gardens of all sizes because it adds another texture, color, and dimension to the landscape. Create a beautiful water feature for your miniature garden the easy way using our Blue Stone Water. Simply excavate the area to any shape you like making it just 1-2" deep. Then line the area with small stone or Little Landscape Gravel. Finally fill the space with layers of Blue Stone Water. This material works especially well with fishing poles because you can actually drop the line into the "water". The individual pieces are round, approximately .5" in diameter, and appear to be clear. When used in mass, the overall color is a subtle icy blue. Consider using real rocks as boulders along the banks of the pond and large stone outcroppings for a more authentic look. To keep the scene realistic, be sure that the top of the "water" is level and below the grade of the surrounding area. One bag of Blue Stone Water weighs about 3/4 lb. and will cover a round area about 4" in diameter at a depth of about 1".

Blue Stone Water
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